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The ultra-light and high-rebound ETPU composite shock-absorbing shoe midsole material is prepared from TPU composite material through granulation, foaming and molding processes; the TPU composite material includes, in parts by mass: 60-95 parts of TPU resin, 0 of nylon elastomer resin -20 parts, polyester elastomer resin 0-20 parts, polyester resin 1-5 parts, nucleating agent 0.5-2 parts, antioxidant 0.1-0.5 parts, stearic acid 0.1-1 part and cell stabilizer 0.1-0.5 parts; wherein, the TPU resin is a mixture consisting of TPU resin with a hardness of 90-95A Shore and TPU resin with a hardness of 50-60A, and the proportion of TPU resin with a hardness of 90-95A is 80%- 95%, and the proportion of TPU resin with a hardness of 50‑60A is 5%‑20%. The prepared composite shock-absorbing midsole material has high hardness, high resilience, low compression deformation and high tensile strength while being light in weight, which can greatly reduce the weight of sports shoes , It also has the functions of lasting comfort and lasting shock absorption, giving the wearer a better wearing and running experience.
Hangzhou Epsole Technologies Co,Ltd. is famous China ETPU Machine Manufacturers and ETPU Machine factory, located in Hangzhou, China. With over 16 years experience in EPS industry. The company is famed for its profession in R&D, manufacturing and sales of EPS machinery, moulds and accessories, as well as EPS raw materials. etc. EPSOLE has been dedicated to provide the solutions to intelligent and unmanned manufacturing for the clients, aiming at reducing energy consumption in full-scale and improve the efficiency greatly during the production. EPSOLE is sincerely looking forward to cooperate with all customers that have interests in our wholesale ETPU Machine and technical services. We are confident to provide high quality service for customers from all over the world. Clients' Interests First, by providing top products and excellent service, EPSOLE is dedicated to supplying the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. Friends from all over the world are warmly welcome to visit our company!

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