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Advanced steam control for a better Productivity

Advanced steam control for a better Productivity

Linear variable differential transformers (LVDT) are used to measure displacement. LVDTs operate on the principle of a transformer.
It helps to change the amplitude of pressure control curve, it reaches a straight line, accurately controlled at ±0.10Bar, and the transition is stable without impact pause. Which means a better control over the quality of the products.
A stable temperature control curve, means stable heating process, a low pressure and large flow, which leads to a lower steam energy consumption.
Real-time pressure sensor feedback of molding air chamber pressure, accurate and timely data.
Pressure control accuracy, stability is to ensure stable product quality, energy saving, production efficiency and multi-product production key.


Advanced steam control for a better Productivity

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E.P.S. (Expandable Poly Styrene) is a lightweight, rigid, plastic foam insulation material produced from solid particles of polystyrene. Expansion is achieved by virtue of small amounts of pentane gas dissolved into the polystyrene base material during production. The gas expands under the action of heat, applied as steam, to form perfectly closed cells of EPS. These cells occupy approximately 40 times the volume of the original polystyrene bead. The EPS beads are then molded into appropriate forms suited to their application. Products made from foamed polystyrene are nearly ubiquitous, for example packing materials, insulation, and foam drink cups.

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