Continuous Pre-expander ESPC-70/90/120

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EPS Pre-expander

Continuous Pre-expander ESPC-70/90/120

We manufacture our styrofoam expander machine with the principle of high quality, high efficiency. The original particles which produced by this machine are uniform and the foam has good fluidity. Even more, there is no bad smell when pre-forming and molding and the EPS pre-expander meets the food-grade requirements and can safely contact daily necessities. Finally, the cells are even and fine, and the appearance of the product is bright and flat.

Functions & Features
• All process works automatically including filling, expanding,sieving,grinding and conveying,etc.
• With twice pre-expansion function, foam density could be 8-30g/l
• Fequency conversion feeding equipment
• Power-off protection device
• Japanese relief valve

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