CNC Cutting Machine ESCNC200/300/400SL/2D/3D

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EPS Cutting Machine

CNC Cutting Machine ESCNC200/300/400SL/2D/3D

Functions & Features

The aluminum frame is highly stable and accurate

The cutting line adopts stepping motor which is very stable and could be timing freely, this matches the requirement for cutting special shapes with frequently changeable timing, the accuracy is 0.5mm

Voltage regulation: the cutting line is equipped with a 3kW transformer, electrically adjustable output voltage is 0-70v, 20 heating wires could be equipped, so 20 same images or characters could be cut simultaneously

The cutting line is equipped with famed brand PC installed with English version drawing and cutting software which is very easily operated, customers only need to draw images with the drawing software and transfer them into cutting codes by cutting software, the cutting line will automatically finish all the other jobs

The touch screen shows the images being cut and can trace the cutting process. Cutting speed is adjustable, maximum speed could be 4000mm/min. Parameter setting is quite simple

The cutting line has stroke protection function, when the running stroke exceeds regulated stroke, the cutting line shall stop running automatically,besides, the cutting line also has functions like power- off memory, reverse cut and rotation, mirror symmetry and backlash compensation,etc.

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