EPP Shape Moulding Machine

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EPP Shape Moulding Machine

EPP Shape Moulding Machine

Adopts famous brands hydraulic components, differential pressure system design, which can achieve high speed, low noise operation. The fastest mold opening and closing speed reaches 350mm/sec, achieving high speed and efficient stable operation;

Two-points mold opening and closing, and the latest mechanism technology of mold clamping, can stabilize mold clamping pressure without leakage during production, and effectively reduce energy consumption.

Improved pipe & valve design to minimize energy wastage while increasing reaction speed;

The design of cooling water pipe line fastens the speed of water cooling -the ring design of copper pipe inside mould cavities increases the contact surface, resulting in more efficient cooling and smooth product surface.

Application of electric digital proportional valve: adopt imported electric digital proportional valve with linear position sensor to efcientyt and accurately,control the proportion of opening scale of the angle seat valve, and the combination .with the digital pressure sensor enables the mold cavity pressure tobe linearly stable, which changes the analog control of door open and close of traditional equipment. Imported brands of valve guarantees the stable quality of products, effectively saving steam, air, and other energy consumption; 

The bypass line of the latest heating system of EPS molding machine can effectively reduce the molding time and steam energy consumption.

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