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At present, EPS continuous cutting line is the most commonly used model in exterior wall engineering. Various models for façade decoration are cut out. All kinds of special-shaped grooves, such as swallows, saw grooves, trapezoidal grooves, European-style building eaves, foot wires, Roman columns, and color steel plate sandwich foam, etc., can all cut two-dimensional graphics. From graphic cutting to installation, it gradually replaces GRC products. The main advantages are simple operation, wide range of use and convenient installation.
Why choose EPS continuous cutting line:
Due to the different patterns of the siding, the colors are rich, the surface lines are clear and bright, and it has a modern sense popular in Europe and America, especially suitable for the renovation of villas, apartments and old buildings.
Wide range of uses: This product is cold and heat resistant, durable, and anti-ultraviolet aging. Corrosion resistance is particularly good in acid, alkali, salt and humid areas.
Energy saving: The external wall has good thermal insulation effect and is easy to install. The material used is polystyrene foam material. The polystyrene foam material is a cotton coat on the house, and the external wall hanging board is a coat. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. .
Easy installation: about 200m2 villas can be installed in 24 hours. Houses without lines are very monotonous, have no sense of fashion, the overall effect of the façade is not satisfactory, the line appearance does not have exquisite decoration, and it also has the atmosphere and style of European architecture. The fluidity and shape of the EPS continuous cut line lines add a little life to our overall construction, making the original square shape even more stylish.

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