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EPS civil engineering foam has multiple functions, so it can be effectively used in various occasions, especially in soft soil foundations, slope stability and retaining walls. EPS civil engineering foam has been widely used in highways, airport runways, railway track systems, cold storage floors, sports fields, storage tanks, anti-freezing ground and building basements. EPS civil engineering foam enables engineers, architects and builders to achieve project goals by combining the functionality of synthetic materials and different models of products. Because EPS civil engineering materials have excellent strength and elasticity, many problems can be solved in engineering, and they can effectively protect against damage caused by earthquakes and vibrations, reduce noise and reduce vibration.

The use of EPS as a civil engineering material is conducive to shortening the construction period and reducing the overall construction cost. As a civil engineering material, EPS is easy to construct, generally does not require special equipment, and is not affected by weather conditions. EPS can be cut into various shapes on the project site, and there are many models for designers to choose from. Its service life is the same as other materials, and it can maintain good physical properties under the conditions of use.

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