EPS Is An Extremely Durable And Versatile Material

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In a subsea SURF transportation & installation project campaign, the deployment, loadout and mobilisation of the SURF always require large reel to carry and extend them when necessary. In an ideal world the reel sizes would be as variable as the SURF. However in reality, manufacturing reel in multiple sizes would be incredibly expensive, meeting requirements for specific jobs can be costly. A common solution – resizing, typically this has been done by using either wooden or steel partitions to narrow the reel , yet to perform a safe and optimum transportation & installation operation, the weight of the SURF reel is always had constraint and a critical factor. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) is lightweight at 98% air, therefore installing the expanded polystyrene partitions is much easier and efficient opposed to typically used material – EPS is an extremely durable and versatile material particularly in heavier densities, take the cable tension easily and performed exactly as expected, the complex shapes and designs are easily created.

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