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Many customers and friends often consult our customer service staff to ask what are the primary application scales of EPS foam machinery and equipment. They don’t know much about common sense in this area. Therefore, today’s editor is here to popularize the use of foam machinery and equipment for everyone.


  1. The foamed plastic product sheet produced is mainly widely used in the field of construction. It plays an aspirational role as a heat preservation and heat insulation material. Therefore, in the southern part of the tropical climate, the indoor air-conditioned in the hot summer can use this product to reduce energy consumption, and then play the role of heat insulation. In the cold north, the most important thing is the most efficient energy-saving insulation material used in the construction industry in my country.


  1. Packaging products: The foamed plastic packaging box cushions and special-shaped parts are the best packaging materials at present, but they can buffer and shockproof when they are shaken or dropped; the foamed plastic product packaging is mainly used for Box mats for household appliances, packaging of ceramic glass products, box mats for instruments, meter boxes, food and health care products, box mats for wine and beverages, fruit and vegetable preservation and seafood packaging boxes, pipe insulation, etc.


  1. Foam-plastic floating material: The main reason is that the foam-plastic product has low water absorption, high buoyancy on the water surface, plus it is not easy to age, and has a certain mechanical strength that makes it an excellent floating material. Now it has been widely used in various ship life-saving Surface operations such as equipment, buoys, salvage, and fishing.


  1. The foam plastic products produced by eps foam machinery and other materials can also be used to manufacture arts and crafts, or used for animal specimens, movie props, promotional materials, stage scenery, product introductions, gallery exhibitions, cut and paste cement, and its construction Manufacturing materials such as models.


  1. Castings disappear quickly. The main reason is that the foam product is composed of hydrocarbons. Therefore, it can destroy the remaining carbon powder by itself under the hot high temperature. It also has certain mechanical strength, easy to cut, and can be easily cut. Processing on the machine tool, simple bonding.


The foamed small particles are a new type of filtration material, which is used in small and medium-sized water supply equipment and the water supply system of fresh and ships. Other scientific and technical personnel use it for seed germination and the mother bed for raising seedlings on the water surface. Mixed with clay, cement, refractory, etc. to make lightweight wall insulation bricks, etc.


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