Are You Troubled by Corrosion of the PPGL or PPGI ?



?? Are you troubled by corrosion of the PPGL's or PPGI's ??

?? Hard trying to find a steel resistant to ammonia ?

Follow me:

CHEAPER than PPGI 's ✚ BETTERresistant to ammonia ✚ NOT yet widespread but has GOOD REPUTATION among users =

Galfan /Pre-painted Galfan ( 5% Al-Zn coated steel coils )

We suggest that you can choose PPGF ZA185 instead of PPGI or PPGL, 5% Al-Zn (GF) 

is about 3 times better than GI.These particular product as a kind of anti-corrosion 

materials that we are targeting at end usage for confinement feeding animal 

husbandry, replacing Galvanized and Aluzinc ( including pre-painted ).

As I know the local producers – ArcelorMittal ( Prepainted galvanized ) and SAFAL

( Prepainted Aluzinc), however these materials especially Prepainted Aluzinc using

in construction for poultry & pig farm industry will shorten the facility life-span due

to the waste,  for example piggery, waste decomposition by-products which can be

extremely aggressive towards Aluzinc Steel, creating significant corrosion problems.

Waste decomposition gases such as methane, hydrogen sulfate and ammonia an

combine with water vapor to form a highly corrosive compound which condenses

on the bottom side of the steel roof panel, resulting in an extremely corrosive attack.

I learned from news that a big number of animal houses in some countries like South

Africa need to change and replacement.

Additionally, we also see big potential needs of domestic residential and industrial

roofing in harsh coastal environment like South Africa to use better anti-corrosion


Please check the attached file, you could see Galfan difference compared with

Galvanized and Aluzinc.

I would like to share some alternative coating as substitute products for color coated

steel by targeting at different end-usage products, see below:

1)Substrate - Galfan ZA135 instead of Galvanized Z180

Galfan ZA185 instead of Galvanized Z275

Ready for color coating - End usage: ROOFING TILE SHEET

Thickness : 0.35mm/0.40mm/0.45mm/0.50mm

Advantage: for example - 0.48MM ( 25um top paint + 7um back paint )

PPGF ZA135 - 3.72kg/sqm — PPGI Z180 - 3.77kg/sqm ( PPGF has 1.35% less weight )

PPGF ZA185 - 3.77kg/sqm — PPGI Z275 - 3.87kg/sqm ( PPGF has 2.66% less weight )

2) Substrate - Aluzinc AZ150 instead of Galvanized Z275

Ready for color coating - End usage: Sandwich panel

Thickness : 0.45mm/0.50mm

Advantage: for example - 0.48MM ( 25um top paint + 7um back paint )

PPGL AZ150 - 3.74kg/sqm PPGI Z275 - 3.87kg/sqm ( PPGL has 3.48% less weight )

Any questions, I would like to my best support !

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