EPS pallete


EPS pallete mainly made by EPS coat with plastics(HIP,PVC) sheet. Typical size:1200 x 1000 x 15mm, it is 5kg per each, and dynamic load more than 1.5tons(EPS density>15g/l)it is a best air transportation choice, it will great reduce shipping cost and aircraft oil consumption.EPS palletes are recycleable in worldwide for construction material and outdoor furniture.



The machine is applicable to form sheet or vacuum molding plastic products,such as ABS ,PP ,PS ,PVC ,EPS ,HIPS.

It’s designed to produce the plast pallet,air pallet .The Pallet is inside with foam material and cover with Plastic sheet ,And it can stand 1 ton weight.


Feature Structure:

1) The machine adopts the mechanism of the pneumatic ,mechanic and electric combination structure,which can automatic processing sheet clamp,heating,forming production .Easy operation and maintenance.

2) Easy to Sheet loading,which can max save the sheet material.

3) Suitable for protruding moulding and easy to maintain the high quality of finished products.

4) Double Heater with Far infrared ray ceramtic heater units, auto-temperature control;heating even and stable,low power consumption.

5) Up mould base with electrical motor stroke adjust function,easy adjust.

6)Adopts fan cooling device,it can better shape the finished products.

7) Electrical control,easy for different position operation.

8) PLC control and Touch Screen input.

9) Intellectual Temperature Control System, it supply accurate and precision heating temperature. It’s high quality of finished products guarantee.




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